Welcome to Flagler Clock Repair.

Telephone: 386-206-8474

After studying with one of only 57 Certified Clock Masters in the United States  and a long apprenticeship,  we established Flagler Clock Repairs in Palm Coast, Flagler county, Florida a few years ago.

We service and repair all kinds of clocks including Grandfather's, French, German and Austrian clocks as well as regulators, brackets, cuckoos and ship-bell clocks.  And of course the whole array of American clocks like Kitchen, Calendar, Wall clocks, Tambour, Parlor, Wall and Mantle to name a few.

We also service quartz movements (battery driven).  

We have extensive experience with repairing damage done to antique and not so antique clocks by tinkerers. Many self-professed clock repairmen are great fans of spraying their heirloom movement with WD-40 in a desperate attempt to make it work, instead of disassembling the movement for cleaning and proper servicing. Unfortunately WD-40 not only damages the surface of the brass, it does not clean the pivot holes to remove old dirt, oil and grease, creating many problems in the future.

We also restore damaged cases.

Our service prices vary with the type [complexity] of clock, the age of the movement  and the condition it is in.  Please call us for a quote.  When you drop your clock off we will make a quick assessment of the repair/service cost and request your approval before we start any work on your clock.

To service grand father clocks, we come to your home and remove the movement from your clock.  We then bring it to our shop for service.  When the clock is ready we deliver and reinstall the movement in your clock case and make sure it is working properly.

Our work is unconditionally guaranteed for a period of 6 months.

 Click here to see how we service your clock.

Members of NAWCC national (www.nawcc.org) and the local Daytona Beach 154 chapter [www.nawcc154-daytonabeach.com].




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